Monday, August 23, 2010

Sorry Excuse - Demo

Sorry Excuse - Demo (2008)

This is an awesome straight edge hardcore band from Kansas City, Missouri. I remember checked them out when the demo first came out, but it hadn't really clicked hard until I recently saw this band at Force Fed's last show earlier this summer. It's fast and pissed and has a shit ton of influence. Everything from early Madball to Youth Of Today to Poison Idea. Definitely one of my favorite current bands going. Check out the demo. Enjoy.


me... said...
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quez said...

new stuff from them..

Keith said...

I usually try to just do demos or oop records or broken up bands. Or if the band asks me yo put it up or gives me permission to put it up. I think that 7" is still in press and though I have it I probably won't put it up anytime soon but thanks!

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