Monday, September 28, 2009

The Icemen - Rest In Peace

The Icemen - Rest In Peace (1991)

An awesome NYHC band. Check out this EP. Mosh. Enjoy.

The Rival Mob - Bitter Rivals Demo

The Rival Mob - Bitter Rivals Demo (2007)

One of my favorite current bands. I believe the frontman in this band also sand for XfilesX. If you dig the whole NYHC influenced Lockin Out sound, you'll enjoy this record. This band still retains originality with it, too. Seriously check out this demo. Enjoy.

Outspoken - The Current

Outspoken - The Current (1994)

This is an amazing 7" by a band that was definitely underrated. Heavy 90's sound mixed with melodic youth crew-esque influence. If you don't have this record, please get this right now and take a listen. The piano intro to the song, Current, does it for me every time. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Waste Management - Get Your Mind Right

Waste Management - Get Your Mind Right (2007)

Early 80's boston and new york inspired hardcore. Vocals, you'll think SSD immediately. This band is seriously great. Very fast, pissed, and straight edge! A nice Agnostic Front cover squeezed into this EP as well. Please check it out as this is easily one of the best current hardcore bands right now. Enjoy.

Follow Through - Taking It Back

Follow Through - Taking It Back (1997)

CT straight edge band that's very underrated. I believe this band was fronted by Craig Mack, current singer of the band Living Hell, who is also a great band. Check out this LP, because Follow Through is a sweet band. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Underdog - True Blue

Underdog - True Blue (1986)

One of my favorite EP's of all time by a band that I just can't get enough of, Underdog. This EP (referred to as both True Blue or S/T)  also has my favorite Underdog song on it, Say It To My Face. This EP is great and a must have for every one into hardcore, even if you don't like it. Get it anyway. Enjoy.

Not Sorry - Demo

Not Sorry - Demo (2009)

The northwest comes out with this awesome fucking band called Not Sorry. When I first heard this I was blown away. This band is hard. I also believe they promote the vegetarian lifestyle. Awesome. Enjoy.

Gone But Not Forgotten - Seattle Crew Demo

Gone But Not Forgotten - Seattle Crew Demo (2008)

The northwest does it again with this solid band GBNF. Judge, Warzone, Brotherhood, Killing Time, Youth Of Today. You get a feel of all these bands when you listen to GBNF. They are hard and pissed off and an awesome band who needs to play the east coast already. Enjoy.

No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge Demo

No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge Demo (2008)

This band made their debut at 2008's Edge Day show in Boston. Though I missed it, this band still kills. Judge? Confront? Brotherhood? NO TOLERANCE. Check this demo out because it rules. Enjoy.

Bad Seed - S/T

Bad Seed - S/T (2009)

Wilkes Barre hardcore. This band is one of my favorite current bands playing a style of heavy NYHC in the vain of Madball, Merauder, Breakdown, etc. This band is has awesome riffs and is heavy as fuck. Seriously, get this right now. Enjoy.

Chapters - Demo

Chapters - Demo (2009)

Chapters is from Quebec, Canada and they play a style of hardcore mixed with NYHC bands like Outburst, Raw Deal and Side By Side. Great demo and great band. Check it out, you won't be disappointed! Enjoy.

Free Spirit - Be Yourself Demo

Free Spirit - Be Yourself Demo (2008)

This demo is extremely short, with 5 songs a little over the 2 minute mark. Free Spirit is from Boston and plays hardcore in a style extremely similar to Straight Ahead, and that's definitely not a bad thing. They still add their own distinct flavor to the sound. It's fast, short, and has awesome sing a long parts. Enjoy.

Clearsight - Demo

Clearsight - Demo (2008)

This band released this demo, then called it quits shortly after. I was a bit bummed since I loved this demo and was looking forward to hearing more, but shit happens I suppose. This band was from the Ukraine and they brought fast pissed off hardcore in the style of Straight Ahead, Youth Of Today, Side By Side, etc. Great demo. Enjoy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Have Heart - Demo

Have Heart - Demo (2003)

One of my favorite hardcore bands, this demo is pretty damn good. It has a killer intro, the song About Face (my favorite Have Heart song), Lionheart, and couple more tracks and a Verbal Assault record. Definitely a must have for any Have Heart fan! Enjoy.

Alone In A Crowd - S/T

Alone In A Crowd - S/T (1989)

One of the greatest EPs of all time. Fronted by Jules (Side By Side) these tracks are hard, straight forward and pissed off. Also had members of Judge, Raw Deal, Breakdown and Uppercut. You can actually feel the emotion this record puts out, which makes it one of my favorite records of all time. When Tigers Fight, hardest song. Enjoy.

Righteous Jams - Rage Of Discipline

Righteous Jams - Rage Of Discipline (2004)

Boston's own, Righteous Jams was a great band that recently broken up. They have that Lockin' Out sound we all know so well. In my opinion, this is their best release. In case you didn't know, Invasion use to be this band, but now they're playing Righteous Jams. I'm corny, I know. Enjoy.

Remission - Demo

Remission - Demo (2008)

Easily one of my current favorite bands. Definite One Step Ahead and Verbal Assault influence and this demo is simply amazing. Listened to it once and instantly fell in love. These boys are from Chile so I don't know the likelihood of catching a show of theirs, but get this demo anyway and love it. They also have an LP out called 'Accept' so check that out, too. Enjoy.

Freewill - Almost Again

Freewill - Almost Again (1995)

Orange County emo/hardcore band from the early 90's. Later changed their name to Stone Telling, but this album is better in my opinion. Once you get past the horrible vocals on this record you'll soon realize that they aren't really bad at all, and that they actually make the band that much better. I love this record. Enjoy.

Mindset - Realpower

Mindset - Realpower (2008)

React! Records has a roster of some fucking awesome bands, and Mindset isn't an exception. This is their debut EP and it's fucking awesome. Everything from the cover (Brotherhood inspired?) to the 4 songs it contains. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, this straight edge band is making a name. Get this EP and check them out when they are in your area. Enjoy.

Undertow - Edge Of Quarrel

Undertow - Edge Of Quarrel (1994)

Lost & Found does it again. This is a collection of Undertow songs from their demo and some 7"s all on one CD. The original 7" for this was released in 1991 I believe, but Undertow was a Seattle hardcore band in the 90's and they ruled. Screw the haters. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

About To Break - Demo

About To Break - Demo (2009)

I haven't heard many new bands but NYC lately, but this one is a great find! Melodic youth crew inspired, this 5-song demo sounds awesome! Great riffs, cool sing-a-long parts, etc. I hope to hear more from this band soon because this demo rules! Homie don't play that. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Face Reality - Positive Change

Face Reality - Positive Change (2009)

Easily one of the best current bands, Face Reality (whose name came from the band Hard Stance?) plays straight edge youth crew style hardcore with their own touch to it. It is highly recommended you check out this record because it's easily one of the best records of 2009. Michigan Straight Edge in your face! Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hands Tied - S/T

Hands Tied - S/T (1996)

One of Tim McMahon's (ex. Mouthpiece, Triple Threat) other bands. This band was formed after Mouthpiece broke up. They have more of a fast 90's youth crew sound to them then Mouthpiece did, but they are still awesome. Enjoy.

One Step Ahead - Remission/Breaking The Silence

One Step Ahead - Remission/Breaking The Silence

This cover is for Remission though both that and the LP are in this file. Listen to this band and you'll be like "What, is this a super secret Verbal Assault album I've never heard of?" That's what I thought, but no it's a Cali-based Verbal Assault worship band and they are fucking awesome. Enjoy.

God Forgot - S/T

God Forgot - S/T

I've gotten lazy with the year releases so I'll leave this a mystery for now. This is another Dan O'Mahoney band and they were cool. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Step Forward - 10 Song EP

Step Forward - 10 Song EP (2007)

One of the best bands still around, this Boston based band's EP is seemingly impossible to find online so I felt obligated to put it on the blog. 80's style fast straight edge youth crew influenced hardcore. One of Boston's finest. Enjoy