Friday, September 3, 2010

Blue Monday - Rewritten

Blue Monday - Rewritten (2005)

Awesome straight edge band from Vancouver. They sound kind of similar to other west coast bands of that time. Think Betrayed, Champion, or Set It Straight and you get the idea. This album is pretty cool. Enjoy.

Against The Wall - Identify Me

Against The Wall-Identify Me (1989)

Yo! This records from Against the Wall from California. The music on the record is hard, I get kind of a Judge feel from them. I've also heard them compared to Turning Point, I wouldn't say so personally but I can kinda see where thats coming from since they have some more melodic riffs mixed in. Definitely check this out, you won't be let down! Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Up To Us - Demo

Up To Us - Demo (2009)

Newer Cleveland hardcore band. Youth crew style with a female vocalist. I've never quite heard a female vocalist who wasn't very angry sounding so this took me a bit by surprise, but overall it's pretty cool. It's fun. Kind of reminds me of 7 Seconds at time. I'm interested to see what this band does next. Definitely check out this demo! Enjoy.

Committed - Demo

Committed - Demo (1998)

Demo of an awesome Cleveland band called Committed. Hopefully you've already downloaded the 7" I posted way back when. This demo is great, this band is great, and Clevo Stomp is an awesome song (among others). Download this demo because Committed rules and is underrated and the singer sounds really similar to Ray Cappo. Enjoy.

(also big thanks to Frank for providing the demo cover!)