Sunday, July 19, 2009

Floorpunch show review: 7/18/09

This is one of the rare instances where I will post something other than a record. Yesterday me and 3 other of my friends decided that we were going to drive 5 hours to western Pennsylvania for a Floorpunch show, since none of us were able to see them in the past.

So I usually tend to go into extreme detail when I review shows I went to (like every single thing I did before and after the actual show that day) but I will skip right to the show. Force Fed played first. I missed a couple of their songs trying to get the merch situation out of the way before they enforced the "no re-entry" rule so after that I ran back inside during a cover of DYS's Wolfpack. I'd like to say that Force Fed is easily one of the best current bands going right now. I believe they are on Painkiller records and they deserve it because their fast early 80's Boston Crew sound is flawless. Overall their set was one of my favorites that night and I'm excited to see them next time they come around.

Next was The Mongoloids. I thought they were a bigger band and would play right before Floorpunch, but they played right after Force Fed. I haven't seen/listened to Mongoloids in a long time prior to the show and I am unfamiliar with anything past Time Trials but overall their set was pretty dope and it was cool to hear a few of the songs I knew from those records. I honestly thought more kids would be into them though.

Next was Mother Of Mercy. This band didn't really do it for me. They were heavy, it was cool, but nothing really stood out to me. I believe this band is fronted by the same dude from Let Down and I prefer Let Down over Mother Of Mercy, but overall they were alright and the kids seemed to be into it.

Then Bad Seed went up. Let me first say that prior to this show I have never heard or seen this band. I didn't know what to expect other than a few friends who described them as "hard New York style hardcore." I'm a pretty big fan of 80's NYHC as you could probably tell so I was somewhat excited to hear this band. And I can say I was blown away. It wasn't anything mindblowing in the sense that it reminded me of later 80's bands like Breakdown, Rest In Pieces, Outburst, etc (maybe a little harder even) but not many bands today can do that right, and this band did. I'm now a proud fan of this band. They were very tight musically, the singer had amazing stage presence, and the riffs and breakdowns were very good. I had no choice but to get a copy of their 7".

Finally Floorpunch went on. I had butterflies coming out of my mouth, but that's natural for any band I'm very excited to see. They opened with Intro/Changes and the crowd went nuts. My friend Mike who came down with us just went all out. Headwalking, stage diving, amp diving, the whole nine yards. The energy and the sound was just amazing and consistent throughout their whole set. I can't really quote every song they did, but I know it was every song I wanted to hear basically except True Colors, which they didn't play. They did play Let It Ride, though, which was cool and Agnostic Front - Last Warning as well. I'm glad I finally got to see this band and even though I didn't think I could afford to go back down to Pennsylvania for This Is Hardcore fest to see them again, I think I can scrounge up some money for it.

In conclusion, I fucking love Floorpunch.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stand & Fight - Together We Win

Stand & Fight - Together We Win (2006)

Awesome band featuring Wrench from Ten Yard Fight on mic. Enjoy.

Ten Yard Fight - The Only Way

Ten Yard Fight - The Only Way (1999)

TYF's last release. Enjoy.

Ten Yard Fight - Hardcore Pride

Ten Yard Fight - Hardcore Pride (1997)

Their release after the demo. It did very well and listen for yourself to see why. This is actually the CD version with the demo and 7" together. Enjoy.

Ten Yard Fight - Back On Track

Ten Yard Fight - Back On Track (1997)

Boston's Ten Yard Fight. Youth crew revival, blah blah. I forget the entire story on why this band used the football gimmick, but this was one of the first bands I got into and I actually learned to play a lot of their songs when I was learning how to play guitar. Anyway, this band still plays (rarely) under a somewhat different line up calling themselves First And Ten. Ten Yard Fight is awesome and so is this album. Enjoy.

SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say

SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say (1982)


SSD - Get It Away

SSD - Get It Away (1983)

Hard Boston straight edge. BOSTON CREW IN YO FACE. Enjoy.