Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keep It Clear - S/T

Keep It Clear - S/T (2009)

Self-titled EP of Vancouver straight edge band, Keep It Clear. I believe they have members of Go It Alone and Blue Monday, but I could be wrong. Either way this record is great and they kind of remind me of Floorpunch at times. Perhaps that's where they got their name? In any case, get this EP right now. Enjoy.

Keep It Clear - Demo

Keep It Clear - Demo (2007)

Great straight edge band from Vancouver. The northwest is really coming through right now with a handful of amazing bands, and this one is one of my favorites for sure. Check it out. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stop And Think - Both Demos

Stop And Think - Both Demos (2003)

Easily one of the best straight edge bands of the early 2000s and they were from Boston. Lockin Out is the illest and this release proves that once again. This one's for Michael! Enjoy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Invasion - Demo

Invasion - Demo (2001)

Big props to my boy Jimmie for getting me both the SOS and Invasion demo pictures. Invasion used to be this band, but now we're playing righteous jams! This demo is pretty sweet. Only thing is when you get this and import them to itunes or whatever, the tracks aren't labelled and I should have done it but I didn't. The are in the actual folder though, so just take 5 minutes and name the songs. BUST IT! Enjoy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SOS - Demo

SOS - Demo (2004)

It took a while to track someone down to take a picture of this demo, but here we have it! Lockin Out's 8th release! This band formed from some ex members of Crunch Time. Really hard to find this demo, so get it now... Enjoy.

Chokehold - Prison Of Hope

Chokehold - Prison Of Hope (1993)
Canadian vegan straight edge that came out around the time Earth Crisis did. Great fucking band and hard as nails and arguably better than Earth Crisis. Definitely one of the heaviest hardcore bands of their time. This is a great album so check it out! Enjoy.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Get Real - Shore Style

Get Real - Shore Style (2004)

Not sure how I slept on this fucking band, but they are awesome as hell. Definitely for fans of Lockin Out and more specifically bands like Mental, Crunch Time and Stop & Think. This band is seriously so fucking good. Get this album RIGHT NOW. That means you, Ryan. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bl'ast! - The Power Of Expression

Bl'ast! - The Power Of Expression (1986)

Bl'ast! fucking rules and this album proves it once again! If you like Black Flag then this is the band for you. Enjoy.

Blank Stare - Suicide

Blank Stare - Suicide EP (2006)

3 songs from Boston's own Blank Stare. One of the best straight edge bands of this decade easily. Fast and pissed check it out! Enjoy.

Urban Waste - S/T (Mob Style)

Urban Waste - S/T (Mob Style) (1982)

Classic record right here. NYHC, raw recordings, fast, pissed, awesome. Easily one of the best NYHC bands of all time and any fan of early 80's hardcore will agree and appreciate this album. Police Brutality! Enjoy.

Cause For Alarm - S/T

Cause For Alarm - S/T (1983)

Classic NYHC. Very awesome and underrated band. Check out this EP if you're into early NYHC like Agnostic Front, Urban Waste, Antidote, Abused, etc. This band also did a split with Warzone in which they sounded just like Warzone. Either way get this record right now! Enjoy.

Integrity - Off The Bat

Integrity - Off The Bat Demo (1987)

This is before Integrity became the Holy Terror metal charged hardcore band they are today. X'd up gardener gloves, baseball bats, militant edge. Think Confront and Judge and you got one hell of a demo. Enjoy.

At All Costs - Direction

At All Costs - Direction (2006)

Awesome CT hardcore band. They broke up and members went on to form Hostage Calm. At All Costs was melodic, youth crew influenced and had a fucking trumpet player. That alone makes this band pretty damn awesome. If you like bands like Champion or With Honor you'll be into this. Enjoy.

Count Me Out - Few And Far Between

Count Me Out - Few And Far Between (1999)

Another release of this awesome Richmond Straight Edge Band. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vexed - Demo

Vexed - Demo (2009)

This is a great straight edge band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They are influenced by bands like Integrity, Ringworm, and Cursed. Fast, heavy, and in your face. Check out this 5-song demo because this band is really going to be going places. CAPE COD STRAIGHT EDGE TAKING OVER 2010. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Committed - The Pride We Share

Committed - The Pride We Share (1998)

I seriously wish more people talked about Committed because this band was fucking awesome. I love 97 youth crew revival bands. There are few I REALLY like including Ten Yard Fight (who got me into this style to begin with), Floorpunch, and COMMITTED. Seriously, youth crew bands draw influence from Youth Of Today we all know, but this band does it so damn well. The vocalist even sounds very much like Ray Cappo. Clevo straight edge in your face. Get this EP or never return to my blog again. Period. Enjoy.

Four Walls Falling - Live at the King's Head Inn

Four Walls Falling - Live at the King's Head Inn

First of all this picture isn't from that show. Also, I'm not sure when this show was exactly. I received an email with pretty much Four Walls Falling's entire discography which made me a very happy man. I love this band too much and it was cool all the stuff I've never heard before. As you can see, this is from a live set and it's most all their later stuff (post-Culture Shock) which is fine by me because everything they put out I enjoy. Enjoy.

Bulldoze - The Final Beatdown

Bulldoze - The Final Beatdown (2001)

Not even sure if this is when this record was released (I thought it was 1994 at first), but I guess this is their discography. Bulldoze is pretty much the only "beatdown" band I can really tolerate. All the carbon-copy bands that supposedly use this name for their sound aren't really carbon copies at all. It's far worse in my opinion, but to each their own as they say. With that said, Bulldoze was pretty damn hard. I wasn't around then, but I'm pretty sure they lived up to their sound as well. BEATDOWN. Enjoy.

Breakdown - The '87 Demo

Breakdown - The '87 Demo (1987)

My friends are always telling me that this is their favorite release of Breakdown and they have good reason to feel that way. This demo fucking rips. It's NYHC of course and it's around the time were the tougher sounds emerged. This is essential for NY during the time so get it now. Enjoy.

The Abused - Loud And Clear

The Abused - Loud And Clear (1983)

Easily one of the best NYHC bands of all time. They were earlier so it's before NY got that tougher metal influenced sound. I love both sounds, but The Abused were just too fucking good. Any fan of hardcore should get this if they don't, because it's essential. DRUG FREE... DRUG FREE YOUTH! Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Caught In A Crowd - Live Unreserved

Caught In A Crowd - Live Unreserved (2009)

This is the demo of an awesome and upcoming band from Cape Cod. They play energetic youth crew style and they do it pretty damn well. Definitely a demo you want to check out. Enjoy.

Betrayed - Substance

Betrayed - Substance (2006)

Fronted by the founder of React! Records, this band is too fucking good. Full of awesome lyrics, pounding energy and a great sound behind it. Not sure if this band is considered broken up or active right now though. Either way, get this now. Enjoy.

The California Takeover

The California Takeover Compilation (1996)

Earth Crisis? Snapcase? Strife? All live on one compilation? HOLY SHIT. It's amazing! Great songs of choice as well. Get it while it's hot.. Enjoy.

Coke Bust - Demo

Coke Bust - Demo (2007)

Angry, fast, awesome, in your face, COKE BUST! This is the demo of the DC straight edge band that are supposedly the king of basement shows. I haven't seen them in a basement yet, but I know I definitely wouldn't be let down. Get this demo because it's fucking amazing. Enjoy.

Breakdown - Blacklisted

Breakdown - Blacklisted (1997)

Later release of an awesome NYHC band. I DON'T CARE WHO'S WRONG AND WHO'S RIGHT, I JUST WANNA SEE A STREET FIGHT. Awesome EP! Enjoy.

Carry On - A Life Less Plagued

Carry On - A Life Less Plagued (2001)

Great fucking band from California. Amazing sound and energy. Very unique sound in my opinion and everyone loved it. Get all their music right now if you don't. Enjoy.