Thursday, January 7, 2010

Four Walls Falling - Live at the King's Head Inn

Four Walls Falling - Live at the King's Head Inn

First of all this picture isn't from that show. Also, I'm not sure when this show was exactly. I received an email with pretty much Four Walls Falling's entire discography which made me a very happy man. I love this band too much and it was cool all the stuff I've never heard before. As you can see, this is from a live set and it's most all their later stuff (post-Culture Shock) which is fine by me because everything they put out I enjoy. Enjoy.


dangerclose said...

thanks for posting this---it started a good discussion and brought back a lot of great memories for folks

Mike said...

Ha. Too awesome that you posted this picture...I assume that you pulled it from, because I uploaded it there. Yeah, I'm up front in that picture...right behind that girl.

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