Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Truth - Demo '11

Truth - Demo '11 (2011)

This is a newer band from Dallas, TX. They draw influence from bands like Youth Of Today, Side By Side, Wide Awake, Chain Of Strength, etc., in case you couldn't tell from the badass demo art. It's cool to see a straight edge band like this come out of Texas because I can't really think of any other current bands holdin down the edge down there. This demo is pretty damn awesome. This band did it right with the art, the songs, and even has a Bold cover! Perfect. Check this shit out right now because chances are if you visit this blog on the regular, you're into this style of hardcore. Enjoy.

Crucial Times - We Want Freedom

Crucial Times - We Want Freedom (2011)

Sweet band from Vermont. The name is taken from a Youth Of Today song I believe, so I'm sure what you can expect from this record. Great riffs with pissed off lyrics. Also, some of the songs have a certain heaviness to them so that they exceed the typical cookie cutter youth crew sound. I believe this band has a new singer now, too. Danielle from the CT band Offsides now fronts this band and since Offsides was pretty damn awesome, I'm excited to hear Crucial Times' new material. Check this band out because they are holdin it down for Vermont right now! Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Mouth - We Are The Youth

Big Mouth - We Are The Youth (2011)

"Yo sucka you got a big mouth, bidipbo!" Can't go wrong with a name that came from a Gorilla Biscuits song. This is a band from Springfield, Illinois. And they are a straight edge band and from the name and album art, I'm sure you can figure out what style they play in. This band is one of many awesome bands in the midwest doing it right now. Sweet riffs, good energy, awesome influences, you can't go wrong. Get this shit right now. Enjoy.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The First Step - What We Know Sessions

The First Step - What We Know Sessions (2009)

My friend Jeff over at Bottled Up records took some TFS recordings from 2003 when they were reforming after their 2003 breakup. These songs would eventually go onto the What We Know LP. I love this band a lot. They were my favorite current band when they were around and definitely up there in the top bands list for me. I love all their material and this is no exception. This band had a lot of heart, sincerity, energy, passion, everything. Get this record right now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Enough - Demo

Enough - Demo (2010)

Enough is a straight edge band from Nashville, TN. My friend once told me they sounded like a mix between Mental and Our Turn, and I think that's a pretty good description, though probably more Mental/Stop & Think than Our Turn. It's a very awesome demo nonetheless. Don't sleep on Enough! Enjoy.

Inside Out (NY) - Demo

Inside Out - Demo (1988)

I would have uploaded this way before but I was trying to find some art and a release date for it and kind of just put it off. I finally gave in because people who haven't heard this really need to. This band is awesome. They are not a west coast band on Revelation records featuring Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine. They were from NY and played a style like some of the other bands around that time. Outburst, Breakdown, Uppercut, etc. They had two singers and they looked just like the image above. Awesome band, awesome demo, get it now. Enjoy.