Tuesday, October 1, 2013


So I've FINALLY got the drive/motivation to bring this blog back. I made an entirely new blog for it, though I do plan on re-uploading everything from this blog eventually. I will mix in older uploads with new ones to make it fun so for the people that still follow this blog or stumble upon this blog, check out the new one here:


Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well it was a good run. I stopped updating this blog quite sometime ago, but now that my mediafire was suspended I couldn't continue if I wanted. Thanks for everyone who supported me and visited here frequently. I have gone back to SLSK so if you have an account on there, add "k33f" to your list.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Caught In A Crowd - You've Lost

Caught In A Crowd - You've Lost (2011)

Our Cape Cod straight edge rockers have dropped this awesome EP. Great music, great message, and so full of energy you'll wanna stage/bed/couch dive from just the first song! Influenced from classics like Chain Of Strength and Youth Of Today, this record is definitely not limited musically to that sound. They defy the cookie-cutter "youth crew" sound with very well-written riffs that'll make you bounce like a Sean Paul music video. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Payback - Draw The Line EP

Payback - Draw The Line EP (1989)

Payback was from CT and I don't think many people really know about them. This EP is great and reminds me of bands like Confront or Judge because its pretty hard, but there's parts that sound like the whole Wide Awake, Youth Of Today, Unit Pride-esque vibe. I'm sure you get the idea. Get this right now because it's pretty fucking awesome. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Truth - Demo '11

Truth - Demo '11 (2011)

This is a newer band from Dallas, TX. They draw influence from bands like Youth Of Today, Side By Side, Wide Awake, Chain Of Strength, etc., in case you couldn't tell from the badass demo art. It's cool to see a straight edge band like this come out of Texas because I can't really think of any other current bands holdin down the edge down there. This demo is pretty damn awesome. This band did it right with the art, the songs, and even has a Bold cover! Perfect. Check this shit out right now because chances are if you visit this blog on the regular, you're into this style of hardcore. Enjoy.

Crucial Times - We Want Freedom

Crucial Times - We Want Freedom (2011)

Sweet band from Vermont. The name is taken from a Youth Of Today song I believe, so I'm sure what you can expect from this record. Great riffs with pissed off lyrics. Also, some of the songs have a certain heaviness to them so that they exceed the typical cookie cutter youth crew sound. I believe this band has a new singer now, too. Danielle from the CT band Offsides now fronts this band and since Offsides was pretty damn awesome, I'm excited to hear Crucial Times' new material. Check this band out because they are holdin it down for Vermont right now! Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Mouth - We Are The Youth

Big Mouth - We Are The Youth (2011)

"Yo sucka you got a big mouth, bidipbo!" Can't go wrong with a name that came from a Gorilla Biscuits song. This is a band from Springfield, Illinois. And they are a straight edge band and from the name and album art, I'm sure you can figure out what style they play in. This band is one of many awesome bands in the midwest doing it right now. Sweet riffs, good energy, awesome influences, you can't go wrong. Get this shit right now. Enjoy.