Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shelter - Mantra

Shelter - Mantra (1995)

Probably my favorite Shelter record. It's extremely catchy as hell with songs like Message Of The Bhagavat (which sounds kinda nu-metally) and Here We Go (which has an awesome classic music video with it). Let's all get Krishna haircuts and buy a pair of JNCOs to mosh in. Enjoy.

Bl'ast! - It's In My Blood + School's Out

Bl'ast! - It's In My Blood (1987)
Bl'ast! - School's Out (1987)

This band was from California and sounded like Black Flag. Can't go wrong with that! This file has both the LP It's In My Blood and the EP School's Out as one file. These records are seriously amazing and I can't imagine anyone who is into hardcore not to like them. Pardon me if that sounded a bit elitist, but this band is seriously that good. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Attitude Adjustment - Dead Serious Demo

Attitude Adjustment - Dead Serious Demo (1985)

Awesome California band who was on the End The Warzone compilation with a bunch of other awesome bands. This band was fast and did the whole hardcore crossover into thrash deal and they did it well. Check out this demo because it's fucking sweet. Enjoy.

Count Me Out - Permanent

Count Me Out - Permanent (2002)

Great straight edge band from Richmond, Virginia. I believe this was their last release before they called it quits. Enjoy.

The Wrong Side - The Wrong Side Of The Grave

The Wrong Side - The Wrong Side Of The Grave (2004)

Previously known as Dumptruck this Lockin Out band featured members of bands like Righteous Jams and Mental. They are funky, heavy, and awesome. They are kind of still a band, but not really. It's complicated. Instead of worrying about it, get the record and mosh. Enjoy.

The Freeze - Guilty Face

The Freeze - Guilty Face (1984)

Awesome early Boston hardcore band who were really from Cape Cod. No one ever talks about the Freeze and I don't know why because they are fucking awesome. Great record. Enjoy.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Reconcile - Youth Crew 1999

Reconcile - Youth Crew 1999 (1999)

From Argentina, this band is fast melodic youth crew. 7 Seconds, Youth Of Today, and Insted are easily influences as you can hear it in the music. Still alive and kick'n after 10 years, this band is still pretty sweet. Enjoy.

Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life

Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life (2007)

The actual demo was released in 2007, but it was released as a 7" that included a couple more tracks and a couple covers in early 2009 I think. Either way, this is a great band from California with pissed off fast hardcore. You're never gonna make it with your positive views! Enjoy.

Four Walls Falling - Demo '87

Four Walls Falling - Demo '87 (1987)

First demo of one of my favorite hardcore bands ever. Richmond hardcore on top. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Edgewise - Silent Rage

Edgewise - Silent Rage (1990)

The original 7" was Smorgasbord's 3rd release, but this is the re-issue (hence the re-issue art) which is the 7" plus two other tracks that I think were from some comps or something. This band was from Pennsylvania and they were fucking hard. Another record that defines early 90s hardcore as it transitioned and got a bit more metallic. Other bands that come to mind are Release and Turning Point a bit but heavier. I'm having a tough time describing this. Just check it out! Enjoy.

Damage Control - Can't Keep Us Down

Damage Control - Can't Keep Us Down (2001)

Awesome Norwegian hardcore band. Fasted paced youth crew band with melody in both the music and vocals. Great band and in my opinion, underrated. Check out this earlier album of theirs! Enjoy.

Bad Seed - Demo II

Bad Seed - Demo II (2008)

I think this is the album art of their 1st demo, but I don't care. Sick band from PA. I guess this is just a side project deal of a couple members of the band Title Fight. Apples and oranges, but I like Bad Seed more and this demo fucking rules. Check it. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Backtrack - Demo

Backtrack - Demo (2008)

I love the stack of newer bands holding the oldschool NYHC sound and I feel this band is one that does it extremely well. I'm pretty sure they got their name from the Raw Deal song which is awesome and fitting because you can hear the influence, though they add their own uniqueness to this mix. Check out this demo. Enjoy.

Doubledealer - Demo MMIX

Doubledealer - Demo MMIX (2009)

This is the demo of a newer band from Delaware who's pretty damn good. They are heavy and seems to grab influence from bands like Merauder and Ringworm. This demo is very "bouncy" as I like to call it, fast, and heavy. It's seriously fucking awesome and since this band is fairly new, my opinion is they will be tearing up the US in no time. Check it out. Enjoy.

Envision - Changing Times

Envision - Changing Times (2009)

This band has been around for 10 years now, but they still released an amazing demo in 2009 and you should check it out. Being from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, this band is greatly underrated and I feel if they were in the US during the "youth crew revival" era of hardcore they'd be definitely more well known. With that said, if you're into those revival bands, check this band out for sure. Great band! Enjoy.

Floorpunch - Fast Times At The Jersey Shore

Floorpunch - Fast Times At The Jersey Shore (1998)

One of my favorite band of the late 90's for sure. This band is like if Youth Of Today, Judge, Breakdown and Raw Deal had a circle jerk and formed a super sperm that was given to a woman. Behold, Floorpunch is born! This album is very good and if you're a fan of any of the bands I just mentioned, check this out. Oh, and their intro sounds just like the Release intro and I'm pretty sure they have a member of Release in the band. Enjoy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface

Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface (1994)

A great record, though I choose Blood, Sweat & No Tears and Just Look Around over it any day. I absolutely love this band as a whole and this record has a bunch of awesome, catchy songs. Scratch The Surface, Step Down, and even a Straight Ahead cover! Amazing band, great record, get it now! Enjoy.

Junkyard Dogs - Demo 2009

Junkyard Dogs - Demo (2009)

It's a shame this band was so short-lived. They were a style I was very fond of and reminded me of current bands like Trapped Under Ice, Backtrack and Bad Seed and NYHC in the vain of Breakdown, Merauder and Biohazard. If you like any of those bands, check out this Richmond based band. Enjoy.

Gray Matter - Take It Back

Gray Matter - Take It Back (1985)

One of my favorite of the "revolution summer" Dischord releases. Their sound is melodic punk, with raw vocals and it strays away from the sheer aggression and speed of hardcore bands before them. If you're a fan of bands like Moss Icon, Beefeater, or Embrace, then you probably already have this record. If you don't, get it now. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snapcase - Comatose

Snapcase - Comatose (1992)

Fucking awesome first EP of an amazing band from Buffalo, NY. This 2 song EP is seriously amazing and to me a defining record for that heavy 90's metallic sound. I believe this EP had a different vocalist than the records that followed after but don't quote me on that. Either way great record from a time Victory Records was actually good. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jaguarz - Jungle Jamz

Jaguarz - Jungle Jamz (2003)

Another early Lockin Out exclusive and this album fucking rips. Jaguarz was an edge band from Boston. This, honestly, is probably one of my favorite Lockin Out releases. It's fast and not too complicated or overdone with hip hop influence. It's a shame this band was underrated and no one ever talks about them anymore. Great record nonetheless! Enjoy.

Crunch Time - The Realness

Crunch Time - The Realness (2003)

Yo, it's time for another Lockin' Out exclusive. This is Crunch Time, the Realness! I love this 7" so much. It's the typical Lockin Out sound, a little more youth crew sounding but with the rappy vocals very similar to Mental's vocals. Full of face paced riffs, sick transitions, and funky breakdowns, this is a must for any Lockin Out fan! Enjoy.

Bloodtype - Demo

Bloodtype - Demo (2009)

One of my favorite demos of this year. This NJ straight edge bands brings it fast, raw, and pissed off. That's exactly how I like it! If you love bands like The Abused, Antidote, Straight Ahead, and SSD you'll be into this demo. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trial - Are These Our Lives?

Trial - Are These Our Lives? (1999)

Not very often do you come across a perfect hardcore record. Well, luckily for you, this is one of them. Strong, insightful, political lyrics refined with a strong, technical sound. I seriously get chills from listening to this record from start to finish every time. I was even fortunate enough to see this band in their most recent (and most likely final) reunion in Chicago earlier this year. Trial is easily in my top favorite hardcore bands of all time, and it's all thanks to this record right here. Enjoy.

Social Justice - Unity Is Strength

Social Justice - Unity Is Strength (1989)

Such an awesome, underrated band. I think this record repressed in 1995. Social Justice was from California and drew influences from bands like Uniform Choice, Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies, and Insted. Seriously this band is so underrated and if you haven't heard of them or this record, get it right now! Enjoy.

Blank Stare - S/T

Blank Stare - S/T (2008)

This is Boston straight edge band, Blank Stare's LP and it's pretty damn good. This band recently broke up, which is kind of a bummer. It's fast, it's pissed off, it's edge, it's Boston hardcore. Enjoy.

Remission - Accept

Remission - Accept (2009)

This is the full length from the Chile sensation, Remission. I personally love this band as they remind me of Verbal Assault and One Step Ahead. If you're a fan of those bands, definitely check this out and purchase the record. Order it here: Enjoy.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Iceburn - Moon/Brew #9

Iceburn - Moon/Brew #9 (1994)

I don't know much about this band to be honest, but there was a request for this 7" by someone who sent me a bunch of sweet music, so this is the least I could do in return. But from listening to this record, I can say this band is pretty much a jazz band. I mean the punk influence can be heard, but this is like straight jazz, which is awesome of course. So, Tim, I hope this made your day, haha. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brink - Garage Dayz

Brink - Garage Days (2009)

This is the demo of a new Michigan band called Brink. It was recorded in a garage (hence the name of the demo) and it's actually pretty good for that quality. It was a strong Lockin Out feeling. It reminds me of Breakdown a lot with some Underdog which I can always get down with. Definitely check out this demo if you like those bands or Lockin Out. Hopefully this band puts out some more material with better quality because they are pretty damn sick. Enjoy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wake Up Call - One Eye Open

Wake Up Call - One Eye Open (2006)

This is CD version of this record so it holds both the EP and the demo. It's too bad this band didn't stick around that long, because I could easily that they were top 5 favorite current bands. Every set I've seen was golden. This band was from Maine and had a good style of mixed influences. Please check it out! Enjoy.

Ten Yard Fight / Fastbreak split

Ten Yard Fight / Fastbreak split (1997)

Two great bands and this is a great split. What more can I say? Enjoy.

Up Front - Movement

Up Front - Movement (1997)

Late Up Front release. Veyr post hardcore-esque but I really like it a lot. The vocals are very monotone throughout the entire album, but to me it still really fits. This album sounds nothing like Spirit so if you're expecting that, don't. Check it out anyway! Enjoy.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Trial - Foundation

Trial - Foundation (1997)

This is easily one of the best hardcore bands of all time. Strong, political lyrics supported by a strong, technical sound. This isn't quite as technical as the LP that followed after, but it's very good none the less. Think Strife, or even earlier, Judge. Very good EP. Enjoy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Icemen - Rest In Peace

The Icemen - Rest In Peace (1991)

An awesome NYHC band. Check out this EP. Mosh. Enjoy.

The Rival Mob - Bitter Rivals Demo

The Rival Mob - Bitter Rivals Demo (2007)

One of my favorite current bands. I believe the frontman in this band also sand for XfilesX. If you dig the whole NYHC influenced Lockin Out sound, you'll enjoy this record. This band still retains originality with it, too. Seriously check out this demo. Enjoy.

Outspoken - The Current

Outspoken - The Current (1994)

This is an amazing 7" by a band that was definitely underrated. Heavy 90's sound mixed with melodic youth crew-esque influence. If you don't have this record, please get this right now and take a listen. The piano intro to the song, Current, does it for me every time. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Waste Management - Get Your Mind Right

Waste Management - Get Your Mind Right (2007)

Early 80's boston and new york inspired hardcore. Vocals, you'll think SSD immediately. This band is seriously great. Very fast, pissed, and straight edge! A nice Agnostic Front cover squeezed into this EP as well. Please check it out as this is easily one of the best current hardcore bands right now. Enjoy.

Follow Through - Taking It Back

Follow Through - Taking It Back (1997)

CT straight edge band that's very underrated. I believe this band was fronted by Craig Mack, current singer of the band Living Hell, who is also a great band. Check out this LP, because Follow Through is a sweet band. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Underdog - True Blue

Underdog - True Blue (1986)

One of my favorite EP's of all time by a band that I just can't get enough of, Underdog. This EP (referred to as both True Blue or S/T)  also has my favorite Underdog song on it, Say It To My Face. This EP is great and a must have for every one into hardcore, even if you don't like it. Get it anyway. Enjoy.

Not Sorry - Demo

Not Sorry - Demo (2009)

The northwest comes out with this awesome fucking band called Not Sorry. When I first heard this I was blown away. This band is hard. I also believe they promote the vegetarian lifestyle. Awesome. Enjoy.

Gone But Not Forgotten - Seattle Crew Demo

Gone But Not Forgotten - Seattle Crew Demo (2008)

The northwest does it again with this solid band GBNF. Judge, Warzone, Brotherhood, Killing Time, Youth Of Today. You get a feel of all these bands when you listen to GBNF. They are hard and pissed off and an awesome band who needs to play the east coast already. Enjoy.

No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge Demo

No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge Demo (2008)

This band made their debut at 2008's Edge Day show in Boston. Though I missed it, this band still kills. Judge? Confront? Brotherhood? NO TOLERANCE. Check this demo out because it rules. Enjoy.

Bad Seed - S/T

Bad Seed - S/T (2009)

Wilkes Barre hardcore. This band is one of my favorite current bands playing a style of heavy NYHC in the vain of Madball, Merauder, Breakdown, etc. This band is has awesome riffs and is heavy as fuck. Seriously, get this right now. Enjoy.

Chapters - Demo

Chapters - Demo (2009)

Chapters is from Quebec, Canada and they play a style of hardcore mixed with NYHC bands like Outburst, Raw Deal and Side By Side. Great demo and great band. Check it out, you won't be disappointed! Enjoy.

Free Spirit - Be Yourself Demo

Free Spirit - Be Yourself Demo (2008)

This demo is extremely short, with 5 songs a little over the 2 minute mark. Free Spirit is from Boston and plays hardcore in a style extremely similar to Straight Ahead, and that's definitely not a bad thing. They still add their own distinct flavor to the sound. It's fast, short, and has awesome sing a long parts. Enjoy.

Clearsight - Demo

Clearsight - Demo (2008)

This band released this demo, then called it quits shortly after. I was a bit bummed since I loved this demo and was looking forward to hearing more, but shit happens I suppose. This band was from the Ukraine and they brought fast pissed off hardcore in the style of Straight Ahead, Youth Of Today, Side By Side, etc. Great demo. Enjoy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Have Heart - Demo

Have Heart - Demo (2003)

One of my favorite hardcore bands, this demo is pretty damn good. It has a killer intro, the song About Face (my favorite Have Heart song), Lionheart, and couple more tracks and a Verbal Assault record. Definitely a must have for any Have Heart fan! Enjoy.

Alone In A Crowd - S/T

Alone In A Crowd - S/T (1989)

One of the greatest EPs of all time. Fronted by Jules (Side By Side) these tracks are hard, straight forward and pissed off. Also had members of Judge, Raw Deal, Breakdown and Uppercut. You can actually feel the emotion this record puts out, which makes it one of my favorite records of all time. When Tigers Fight, hardest song. Enjoy.

Righteous Jams - Rage Of Discipline

Righteous Jams - Rage Of Discipline (2004)

Boston's own, Righteous Jams was a great band that recently broken up. They have that Lockin' Out sound we all know so well. In my opinion, this is their best release. In case you didn't know, Invasion use to be this band, but now they're playing Righteous Jams. I'm corny, I know. Enjoy.