Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jaguarz - Jungle Jamz

Jaguarz - Jungle Jamz (2003)

Another early Lockin Out exclusive and this album fucking rips. Jaguarz was an edge band from Boston. This, honestly, is probably one of my favorite Lockin Out releases. It's fast and not too complicated or overdone with hip hop influence. It's a shame this band was underrated and no one ever talks about them anymore. Great record nonetheless! Enjoy.



this is also my fav.but is there any othe release?I mean theres the track survival on the sweet vision comp and there is a demo floating ariund on ebay,but is this the demo?or is there something else?

and o you have the SOS demo?its the only thing I never heard and couldnt get my hands on?


Keith said...

I can't find the comp or the SOS demo anywhere man. Sorry... I even asked some people I know who would have them and they don't. If I find it I'll post it asap

Logan said...

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Hailey A. Smith said...

Perfect album. So glad I could get the download.

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