Thursday, August 5, 2010

Billingsgate - Reach Out

Billingsgate - Reach Out (1990)

Chicago area hardcore band whose guitar player, Erik Funk, went on later be in the band Dillinger Four. This record is pretty cool. I'd say it has a harder youth crew/nyhc feel compared to the LP they released a year later. I prefer this because its more raw in my opinion. If you're into bands like Confront, Youth Of Today or most of the stuff I post in this blog, you'll be into this band/record. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

i love this ep of billingsgate!!!!
it's much better than the lp.

Chad said...

okay, i see the X on the jacket, but is the dude second from the left holding a cigarette???

Anonymous said...

Billingsgate was NOT a sXe band, though their musical style was that of many sXe bands of the day. some of the members of the band were sXe and others were not.

Anonymous said...

Link is dead. Any chance of someone uploading the file again?

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