Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Truth - Demo '11

Truth - Demo '11 (2011)

This is a newer band from Dallas, TX. They draw influence from bands like Youth Of Today, Side By Side, Wide Awake, Chain Of Strength, etc., in case you couldn't tell from the badass demo art. It's cool to see a straight edge band like this come out of Texas because I can't really think of any other current bands holdin down the edge down there. This demo is pretty damn awesome. This band did it right with the art, the songs, and even has a Bold cover! Perfect. Check this shit out right now because chances are if you visit this blog on the regular, you're into this style of hardcore. Enjoy.


peskypesky said...

thank you. as a Texan straight edger from a previous generation, i'm looking forward to hearing this.

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