Thursday, April 28, 2011

Half The Battle - What We Have

Half The Battle - What We Have (2009)

This is a pretty awesome hardcore band from the Phillipines. I get vibes of Battery, Hands Tied and Rancor. Their singer is a pretty awesome dude as well. It was originally a CD pressed on Take Four Collective/Major Malfunction records in 2009 then was pressed as a 12" record in 2010 on Jut Another Day records. Get into this record especially if you're into any of the bands I named above, or else angry X'd up Phillipino dudes will rip you apart like that poor robot. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

correction, the singer is not a filipino he is american and a real nice guy. by the way check out their 2004 demo its different. the vocals on that demo is sick ala American Nightmare.

Keith said...

Yeah I'm real good friends with the singer Easy. Best dude ever.

Anonymous said...

holy fuckin shit! i've downloaded it and it literally blew my speakers up I've played it thrice all songs it's something I mean it's a hardcore band unlike you never heard of before. Need ta get their LP as a gift for myself.

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