Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lockin' Out presents Sweet Vision Comp

Lockin' Out presents Sweet Vision Comp (2004)

I'm just assuming this was put out in 2003, so correct me if I'm wrong. This nice little compilation from Lockin' Out records has some sweet tracks from bands like Righteous Jams, SOS, The Wrong Side, Get Real, Say No More, Jaguarz, and Mental. The songs are awesome so check it out! Enjoy.



I wonder if you maybe have the SAY NO MORE 7" on GOOD & PLENTY records (they were on the SWEET VISION comp on LOR)?

-Wig Out at Asa's 7"

they are both out of print and theres no info of any kind on the internet any help would be awesome.

thanks in advance

route planner said...

Hah, a bit late, but I think this was recorded in 2003, but put out in 2004.

peskypesky said...

thank you again. another slab of rocking hardcore.

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